Wheat harvest on our little farm

Wheat harvest will be done in August
Februar 12, 2023 |

We usually grow about twenty hectares of wheat on our farm, besides some other crops like barley, rapeseed, corn and hops. But let us talk about the wheat business. We always sow our wheat in autumn, as we grow winter wheat. It means the crops are out in the fields during wintertime. The plants must be frozen for a specific time to get good yields. When spring comes, they restart growing, and we will feed them with fertilizers to ensure they can develop robust roots and fruitful ears. Some rain and lots of sun will ensure that we can harvest our crops in August. It means it takes about eleven months to grow good wheat that can be used for baking.

Photograph: @alberthartmair

If we harvest the grains, we cooperate with a contractor who owns several combines. When the grains are dry enough for harvest, we let him know, and he will send one of his machines and one of his workers to our farm. It takes a long working day to get all the individual fields harvested. We use our tractors and trailers to transport the grains to the storage bins on our farm.

Photograph: @alberthartmair

After the harvest season, we will look deeply at the stock market to determine the best time to sell the grains. If we sold it, mainly to an elevator close by, we reload the wheat grains and deliver it to the buyer.

Photograph: @alberthartmair

To ensure the empty fields will be in good condition for the following crops, we will cultivate the soil directly after the harvest season and plant some cover crops. The subsequent crops could be corn, barley and rape seed.

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