My first experience in doing a full bespoke blazer with @vennecouture.

Bespoke tailoring in a small Bavarian city, called Freising.
Januar 3, 2024 |

In 2020, I got a lovely piece of fabric from Takis, the owner of @stournarastakis, in Athens. Because of the COVID pandemic in 2020 and the years after, I could not connect with a tailor who could do a blazer for me. Then, in 2022, when the virus improved, I joined Peter from @vennecouture to look at my fabric. It is a cashmere from @piacenza1733_fabrics.

Photograph: @vennecouture

After a fruitful discussion, we decided to work on a light double-breasted blazer, which can be easily worn in the summertime and combined with lightweight trousers. It was important that the blazer would be classic, with peak lapels, and a bit sporty at the same time. Therefore, we agreed on doing some patch pockets instead of the traditional flap pockets. There are no golden buttons to make sure the jacket stays sporty.

Photograph: @vennecouture

Working with Peter was a pure pleasure; during all the individual fittings, I even learned a lot about the craftsmanship of a tailor. He always tried to create the jacket as I wanted but also told me if my ideas were not the best and were not durable. This is an essential part as we fashionistas always have things in mind we want to have, whether it is about new garments, but sometimes it needs to be clarified.

Photograph: @anna_mastel

It was my first project with Peter; some will likely follow shortly. Let me know if you have any questions about my experience with @vennecouture.

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