A few years as a bearded Gentleman

Growing my mustache made it nearly impossible to eat and drink.
Dezember 31, 2023 |

It was in 2017 or 2018 when I started to grow a beard. For the first two years, I had it relatively short and without any extensive moustache. Later, I began to develop a longer beard and had fun trying different beard styles and beard care products. Then, in 2020, a pandemic called COVID came and locked us all down for several months. It was impossible to go to a barber shop to get my beard trimmed and shortened. My beard grew for several months without doing anything with it. Even my moustache became very long, and I could hardly eat or drink without hair in my mouth.

Photograph: @darya_faletssky

But this was when the idea of having a long and extensive moustache was born. I wanted to grow a signature moustache, something unique and traditional at the same time. In the past, it was more common to have outstanding beards, especially moustaches.

Photograph: @darya_faletssky

I had my long beard and moustache for almost four years before I decided to cut my beard but not my moustache. I loved having this particular beard style as it was so polarising and unique. Getting my moustache styled was quite a lot of work, but I liked it. Working as a farmer often made my moustache full of dust and dirt.

Photograph: @darya_faletssky

The final decision to shorten my moustache or, better, to almost remove it came by the end of 2023. I wanted to have something new but cool at the same time. So I decided to go for a short and slim stache.

Photograph: @darya_faletssky

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about growing, maintaining and styling a beard.

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