How I became a kiwi berry grower

Why I fell in love with these beautiful plants
Februar 11, 2021 |

When I used to work in New Zealand, on a family-owned hop farm, I often went by some wonderful kiwi orchards, and I fell in love with these beautiful plants. In this area, where I lived, farms usually do not grow crops like wheat and barley. They grow hops, or kiwi fruits, or apples and so forth. I like these types of farms as it seems to be a profitable way of operating a farm.

kiwi orchard
Photograph: @alberthartmair

I liked these kiwi fruits, but I knew I could not grow them here in Bavaria. It is simply too cold here. When I returned from New Zealand, I started to research other types of kiwi fruits and came across some online articles about kiwi berries, which are also called mini kiwis. It seemed to be a European crop, strong enough to cope with rough winters here in Bavaria.

It took me a long time to figure out where to get some plant material, but finally, I got in contact with an older man who worked all his life long with kiwis and who is a specialist in breeding this unique type of plants.

Last summer, I met him in person, and he gave me some general knowledge about setting up a kiwi plantation and how to grow them. He also organized some plants for me, which are already here on my farm. I am now one of the few and proud kiwi berry growers here in Bavaria. Currently, I have the plants in pots and late spring; I will plant them in my little kiwi orchard.

Please comment below, if you want to know more about my kiwi project.

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