Why should men wear a necktie?

I will tell you my favourite brands for neckties.
Juli 11, 2021 |

When I used to work as a business development manager for a swiss company, I noticed one thing. Men do not wear ties anymore. My colleagues even blamed me when I showed up for an important meeting, wearing one of my lovely ties.

Photograph: @darya_faletssky; Tie: @dignito

It seems to be a new business etiquette, attending a meeting without wearing a jacket and a tie. It is something I do not support, and I do for sure not follow this kind of business style. For me, a necktie is still an essential part of the men’s outfit and it still shows that the attendees of a meeting respect the time and effort of the others. And by the way, a tie is the best accessory to give your look a new twist.

Photograph: @darya_faletssky; Tie: @windsor

People will remember you if you wear an extraordinary tie. It is the same as with lapel pins. If you attend a meeting, a conference or even a private come together, and you want to stand out of the crowd, add a specific thing to your outfit. And this particular thing can be a necktie.

Photograph: @njoy_foto; Tie: @blick.ties

One of my favourite brands for neckties is Windsor, Silvio Fiorello and Dignito. Of course, there are many more great ones available, and everybody has and should have their preferences.

Ties from @dignito

Tell me about your most favourite necktie in your wardrobe.

2 Kommentare

  1. Fernando

    I believe that no man would be well dressed without the distinctive touch that an elegant silk tie gives us. I have loved once again the way you see the basic and the elegant in one style.

    • Albert Hartmair

      Dear Fernando! I highly appreciate your comment, and I am happy that we both have the same opinion about wearing a tie. Best Regards, Albert


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