Why gardening is a kind of lifestyle?

It is great to see how people follow their passion.
Juli 4, 2021 |

Last year, I started to grow tomatoes as I felt the need of producing some of the vegetables I daily consume. I, therefore, built some tiny tunnel houses to prevent the tomato plants from heavy rain and other influences based on the local weather conditions.

The last year’s season was so good and fruitful that I decided to do it again this year. I collected more information about how to grow tomatoes and about how to keep the plants in good condition. I learned about effective microorganisms and some natural fertilizers, which I currently use in my vegetable garden. It works very well, and I even started to apply some of these products in my hop gardens, and my plants out there are looking fantastic.

But why is gardening a kind of lifestyle? I noticed that many people here in my area have their gardens and are producing their food. And these people are mostly connected, and they share their experiences, success stories, and failures. It is great to see how motivated they are and how intensively they research to get some information about how to do it better and about how to solve some minor plant issues. It is great to see how they follow their passion and how gardening is fulfilling their lives.

Are you a gardener, too? Please comment below!

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  1. Fernando

    Dear Albert: I identify very well with your style and your way of seeing the self-healthy world.
    My name is Fernando and I live in a small coastal town in southern Spain called -Alicante- (The natives call it: “City of light”), it is a wonderful place where I have been able to cultivate a part of it….

    • Albert Hartmair

      Dear Fernando! Thank you very much for your message. Please tell me more about your growing activities. Are you growing food for yourself and your family? Are you a farmer? Best Regards, Albert


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