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Why a hop farmer always talks in plants, not in hectares
Dezember 20, 2020 |

Currently, I farm more than 60 hectares, and my main and most crucial business are hops. A hop grower does not talk about hectares if he wants to express the size of his business. A hop farmer always talks in plants, not in hectares. If you listen to a hop farmers conversation, you will often hear the word plants. I grow 50 thousand plants, and I need an area of about 13 hectares for it. Nowadays, this is a small hop farm, but it was a kind of tangible business a long time ago. Growing hops is still profitable, and I do not plan to expand it enormously.

Besides my hop business, I grow crops like wheat, barley, rapeseed and corn. It is a low margin business, but a good and easy complement to my hop business. Some fieldwork is usually done by a contractor, as I do not want to invest in some particular machines.

a tractor on a snowy field
Foto: © Albert Hartmair

As I am a passionate gardener, I currently experiment a lot in growing tomatoes that belong from several organic fertilizers and plant protection products. I plan to expand this little tomato production and to get a tangible business out of it. I, therefore, would need to build some tunnel houses which I did prototype already. Before I took over this farm, from my parents, we did breed pigs as well. As this business became too complicated regarding regulations and profit, we decided to give it up

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