Why you should get used to wearing hats

Why everybody can wear a hat and find one that fits their head
Dezember 20, 2020 |

Our grandmothers and grandfathers could not imagine that somebody will leave the house without wearing a hat. An appropriate hat was a part of the outfit. A gentleman wore a high-quality hat, and he was proud about having this fabulous headpiece. When he met a lady, he, of course, raised his hat as a gesture of respecting her. A lady would have never shown his fabulous hair to everybody on the street.

You could easily recognize men and women who wore a decent hat. This hat was a kind of prestige, and you could even guess which profession this person had. Nowadays, it will be difficult to imagine which job a person has, who wears a hat but is still an eye-catcher. Nowadays, even more than a long time ago.

Albert wearing a white hat sitting on the patio of a cafe
Foto: © Darya Faletssky

I always wanted to wear a hat, but I overthought about if it could look good. Maybe I am looking awkward was one of my biggest fears. It took me a few years, until I bought my first fedora hat, in a small shop, located in the Polish city named Cracow. Then, I had this hat almost two years at my home until I gave it a try and I went on the street, wearing this fabulous hat.

And then, the first time I noticed, how impressive and exciting it must be if you see a person who wears a hat. Many people looked at me, and I could easily understand how a hat can change your overall look and appearance. I liked the feeling so much that I bought one more fedora hat and later even a bowler hat, which is, in my opinion, one of the most elegant hats you can wear.

I want to tell you that everybody can wear a hat and find one that fits their head. You can buy as many accessories as you want, but nothing will complete your outfit more than a hat. Please do not fear wearing one and get the taste of being noticed because of wearing a unique and complete look, soon.

Any questions about where to get a great hat? Please comment below.

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